We pride ourselves on a great restoration at a fair price. Other restoration companies may do things differently than we do but most of them are charging thousands of dollars more for their restorations. We make the machine look new again and charge our customers a wholesale rate. We start all restoration by striping the unit down to the shell. All parts are painted as individual items and we never paint partially disassembled units. We send all exterior parts to auto body shops where they are repaired and then repainted. Interior parts that receive paint are done in-house. We also send out the parts that require plating for that treatment while the rest of the unit is at the auto body shop. The compressors are tested and repaired as need. We will use the original sealed system compressor if it is working properly. We of coarse install all new wiring for the compressor and fan operations. At this point we are also testing and repairing the components of the rack, light up and coin mechanism. The unit is now back from the auto body shop and the re-assembly process begins. We use as many of the units original parts as possible. You are purchasing an original vintage soda machine and it should not be re-assembled with a whole bunch of reproduction parts if we can help it. Some parts are either missing or just to deteriorated to re-use. All units do receive new bottle door glass. The units are assembled back to original form and will cool, vend and light up properly. We finish off your machine with original Coca Cola decals or you can go with something custom like Corona or a sports team.  
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